New Obsessions

It just so happens that when I’m off work I usually spend my day running errands, making bracelets and hitting up TJMaxx…. Today was no exception.

I scored these awesome Sam Edelman Brand booties at TJMaxx. I MEAN! They’re olive green…. Had to have.

I’ve also been swooning over a new Kate Spade planner for this year and I finally bought the stripe black and white today, along with these fun new chalk pens in metallic colors. Love!

I’m heading to the pool now to catch up on an afternoon nap and finally have time to read the fashion issue of Marie Claire. So excited!





  1. You found the Kate Spade planner at TJMAXX!? That is awesome. I had to go to the mall to get mine.

    1. This planner was a find from a little store here that carries Kate Spade! Not TJMaxx!! But I have found a great Kate Spade purse at TJ before!! Love it! Thanks for reading!

      1. I love TJMAXX & Marshalls because once in a blue moon i’ll find one Kate Spade item. I am a Kate Spade fanatic it’s a problem that I have no intentions of quitting.

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