A Farewell to Ellie

As I close a new chapter of my life this week I know new chapters will open. My excitement towards the opportunity of our move makes leaving ellie a little easier. But it is still hard.
My work has become a part of me and I know it will always remain a part of who I am. Some jobs you love if you are lucky, and I’m one of the few who LOVES their job. Through the people I’ve met and the bosses I’ve worked for I feel blessed to call ellie my family.
I have had customers come by to bid me farewell, past employees and current employees wishing me luck, bosses who genuinely support me and love me- those are the reasons why I know I’m lucky. It’s a special thing to be in this position and it makes it so hard to leave.

As we start our new journey in Louisville I know we will always have a special place in our hearts for Auburn. How can we not? “Unless you have experienced it, you will never know what it is; you will never understand it. Once you have experienced it, you will never be the same. A part of you will, forevermore, be an Auburn man or an Auburn woman” -David Housel

Ellie girls, you’ll be missed. Love you all.

XOXO, Q, Quinny, Quincy


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