Dreaming of The Salty Sea

image image image image image imageI’m convinced that in the summer everyone is happier. It’s a fact for me anyway. As I sit here dreaming of summer sand I realize that each and every year our beach trip tops my summer list. Not because we go anywhere new or that we do anything that exciting while we are there but the fact that you can smell the salty air, feel the sand on your toes (and everything else for that matter), and eat seafood that is SO much better than anywhere else… It makes it that much sweeter.

When I came across this tank (pictured below) I thought “YES! This is me! Must have!” While I dream of days at the beach I’ll be sporting this cute tank I found at Ellie Clothing. I’ve also been eyeing and admiring the blue mirrored trend in sunnies but wasn’t quite ready to commit and shell out $$ for designer so I found these cuties at H&M.

Hope everyone has a glorious weekend! We are actually having a weekend with nothing to do for once which is perfect. Heading to Chicago next weekend and we are so excited!

Flamingo Shoes: Go Jane

Converse: Rack Room Shoes

Sunglasses: H&M

Layering Tank: H&M

Tank and Jeans (old): Ellie Clothing

Bag (old) Similar (smaller version): Kate Spade

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