Five Tips – Packing For The Beach

When it comes to travel I typically buy new items for each trip. It is fun to open my suitcase and know I have something new and exciting to try out while on vacation. Who’s with me? In an effort to incorporate old items with new I’m sticking to 5 key packing tips for my upcoming beach trip. Maybe THEN I will stop filling my suitcases with brand new items (tags still attached). It’s all about the classic, “old”, loveable pieces getting some love too! 

1. Mix and Match

When it comes to swimwear know your body and your assets. Don’t buy that swimsuit just because ITS ONLY $30 $$. I’m so guilty of this and I’m striving to be better (Target, you get me everytime). I seriously used to have a limit each summer in jr. high and high school because I would go crazy trying to find the perfect swimsuit. Then I realized more is not more. Fit is where it’s at. So buy the bottoms you love and mix the tops (like I did below). 




. Wear Fun Color

I’m notorious for wearing black, white, and cream. It makes up most of my wardrobe. But, when I’m on vacation I want to spice it up a little and add a little flavor. Color never hurt anyone.


. Know Your Climate 

If it’s going to be cool at night but hot during the day, pack a blazer to wear at dinner or a cardigan for a walk on the beach.

4. Switch Out Shoes with The Same Outfit

Not sure what shoes you’ll end up wearing? No problem, just switch your shoes to mirror your mood once you get there. It’s easier to change shoes than to pack a new outfit. 


. Packing The Right Accessories

You don’t need 10 pairs of sunglasses or 20 necklaces. Plan your outfits (including swimwear) and pack accordingly. I usually pack one pair of sunglasses that are aviator or wayfarer style and then a classic oversized pair. With jewelry I stick with basics and add a couple of colors for flair (turquoise is a winner) and wear a mixture depending on the outfit. For shoes I usually bring a variety because I never know if I’ll feel like heels, wedges or flats.



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