Prepping for Fall

I went on a little shopping spree and found some great items that I know I will enjoy for a long, long time. I can’t wait until fall to wear these so I’ve incorporated them into my summer wear + gathered inspiration via Pinterest. Who else loves Pintest?! It’s the best…. Sort of like hoarding without people actually thinking you’ve gone mad. You can follow my personal Pinterest page here.

First I got this soft lightweight jacket at TJMaxx. It’s a beautiful grey color and has a drawstring waist. I love jackets like these because you can wear them now with shorts and booties and into the cooler months with dresses+leggings, skinnies+tall boots… Lots of options.

Link/Photo Credit from Left (center, pin on Pinterest) Right

  Next up I went cray cray at Old Navy – I love the grey sweater, black boyfriend top, green bag and tank (pictured under jacket). I didn’t get a picture of my pantsuit (on sale!) but I plan on wearing it with this grey cardigan – SOON! 

   Image via Shopstyle

  Image via Shopstyle
PS Old Navy and TJMaxx are favorites of mine because their style doesn’t break the bank. What’s better than that? 

Love + Thanks for Reading,  

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