New York Fashion Week 101

When the hustle and bustle of fashion week ends its a little sad. This was my first time in New York City during fashion week and it lived up to all the hype I had in my head. First off the venue changed this year but I still chose to stay close to Lincoln Center because I’ve never stayed in the Upper West Side. It was a great location! I discovered so many new spots {there’s so much to do in NYC, it never ends!} so when we go back in November I have a new list of spots to check out. I spent the last day in Central Park because the park is never ending, there were spots I had never seen. Beautiful day called for a few pictures!

The Lie Sangbong show was fabulous. Check out the outfits from the front row! I also sat right behind Birgitte Sorensen (she was in Pitch Perfect 2 and Game of Thrones) and she’s gorge. The styles featured in this show were a mixture of classic and edgy and the black and white combos were my personal favorite- of course. After the show I sat around inside (because let’s face it I needed to charge my phone) but I lucked out because Fashion Police was shooting as I sat down. Mel B and NeeNee were the guests for the day so they were “sworn in” with a fashion bible and I was literally behind the shot. Found myself on the opening clip of the show so that was exciting. 

New York, I love you.





There is Q!



Hair by Tresemme


Holychild Indie Pop Duo



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