Power Pasta

If you are a carb lover like me you will love this power pasta. I made this pasta for dinner one night last week (and had leftovers for lunch, yay!). I made it before this week because I am starting my no grain, no dairy, no sugar detox (HOW?) today. I’ve been cutting back on my carbs lately and focusing on more vegetables, fruits, nuts, and lean proteins. The Daniel Plan book is based on Faith, Food, Fitness, Focus, Friends. A faith based health plan that focuses on food God made. I have always been obsessed with bread and cookies (even though I love healthy food too) and I know I can’t sustain that lifestyle forever so I am kicking myself into gear and striving towards a healthier life. I have never been a fan of dieting because I don’t believe it fosters results but because a healthier life style is attainable for me I am excited to start this plan. I’ll share recipes and tips if that is something you would be interested. Comment below and let me know!


Whole grain penne, cook according to package directions and let cool while you prep other ingredients. 

Pesto (about half of a container, more or less depending on taste)

Grape tomatoes cut in half (I use about half of a container)

Goat cheese crumbles (I used to packges, they are small individually wrapped cheeses)

Capers (about 1 tablespoon)

Cooked chicken, shredded (I did 2 chicken breasts) 

 Mix all ingredients in bowl and enjoy!  I serve warm and then cold for leftovers. Can be re-heated too (my husband only likes it warmed up).

I have also added olives, spinich, feta cheese and the recipe is good with those type of add-ins. Its a mixture of what you like so alter it accordingly! 





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