Thirty Things Before 30


This year I turned 29 and it got me thinking about a list that comprised a year of “goals”, activities and things I want to accomplish before the next birthday- the big 3-0. So here goes: thirty before thirty

  1. Skydive. I’m putting this here because Luke has been trying to get me to do it and I’m SCARED but I want to do it soooo… We shall see
  2. Go horseback riding
  3. Write 100 blog posts
  4. Take a cooking class
  5. Go to a concert (or several)
  6. Take up a new fitness activity
  7. Eat healthier (consistently) and work out (consistently)
  8. Volunteer
  9. Have an outdoor picnic
  10. Go on a romantic getaway (!)
  11. Attend New York Fashion Week
  12. Scubadive
  13. Splurge on a really delicious meal
  14. Try a new food
  15. Travel alone
  16. Take a class on something new
  17. Unplug from social media (for a day, week, ?)
  18. Take a helicopter ride
  19. Buy someone else’s meal
  20. See a Broadway show
  21. Climb a rockwall
  22. Read the entire bible
  23. Worry less
  24. Learn more
  25. Stamp my passport; travel outside of the US
  26. Visit cities in Kentucky I haven’t been to
  27. Go on a bourbon tour
  28. Take a beach vacation
  29. Have quiet time each day
  30. Enjoy life. The years in my 20’s were fun but now it’s time for my 30’s!

Well, that’s a packed list but here goes nothing. 2/6/17 I’m comin for ya!


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