Cozy Comfort for Fall

Cozy Comfort for Fall

Monrow white top

Brown cardigan
$37 – beautifulhalo.com

Brown booties

Rolex gold watch

Gottex bucket hat

Outdoor Oasis

As we prepare for a winter weather advisory I’m sitting here dreaming of an outdoor space fit for warmer days. Our deck outside is begging to be used but we will have to be patient until the weather cooperates. This spring I hope to have an outdoor oasis we can use to enjoy dinners at sunset or a Sunday afternoon reading books and resting.

Here’s to warmer days friends.

Outdoor Oasis

A Farewell to Ellie

As I close a new chapter of my life this week I know new chapters will open. My excitement towards the opportunity of our move makes leaving ellie a little easier. But it is still hard.
My work has become a part of me and I know it will always remain a part of who I am. Some jobs you love if you are lucky, and I’m one of the few who LOVES their job. Through the people I’ve met and the bosses I’ve worked for I feel blessed to call ellie my family.
I have had customers come by to bid me farewell, past employees and current employees wishing me luck, bosses who genuinely support me and love me- those are the reasons why I know I’m lucky. It’s a special thing to be in this position and it makes it so hard to leave.

As we start our new journey in Louisville I know we will always have a special place in our hearts for Auburn. How can we not? “Unless you have experienced it, you will never know what it is; you will never understand it. Once you have experienced it, you will never be the same. A part of you will, forevermore, be an Auburn man or an Auburn woman” -David Housel

Ellie girls, you’ll be missed. Love you all.

XOXO, Q, Quinny, Quincy

Fall Favorites

Fall Favorites

Monki shift dress

Lined parka

Alice Olivia brown legging

Balenciaga mini purse

Woolen shawl

Nars cosmetic