spring 2016

Spring {Dress}ing




Dressing for spring weather can be at times impossible. Last week I spent half the day with the heater on in my car and the other half with the windows down enjoying the awesome weather. We all know spring temps are crazy so why not add in a few dresses like this one to solve your problem. Old Navy has always been a favorite of mine but lately (the past couple of years or so) they’ve been killing it with trendy affordable (and super cute) clothing. This dress and these shoes are both affordable and effortless (easy decision, right?).

I have a couple of concerts on the calendar in the next few of months so you better believe I’ll be repeating this look for one of them. Hopefully I’ll have a TAN before then 🙂

Have a perfect Sunday and enjoy your week. Tomorrow is Monday and it is a chance to enjoy what you do- make the most of it! I’m excited, are you?

Jewelry- Sincerely Quinley

Dress & Shoes- Old Navy


New York Fashion Week 101

When the hustle and bustle of fashion week ends its a little sad. This was my first time in New York City during fashion week and it lived up to all the hype I had in my head. First off the venue changed this year but I still chose to stay close to Lincoln Center because I’ve never stayed in the Upper West Side. It was a great location! I discovered so many new spots {there’s so much to do in NYC, it never ends!} so when we go back in November I have a new list of spots to check out. I spent the last day in Central Park because the park is never ending, there were spots I had never seen. Beautiful day called for a few pictures!

The Lie Sangbong show was fabulous. Check out the outfits from the front row! I also sat right behind Birgitte Sorensen (she was in Pitch Perfect 2 and Game of Thrones) and she’s gorge. The styles featured in this show were a mixture of classic and edgy and the black and white combos were my personal favorite- of course. After the show I sat around inside (because let’s face it I needed to charge my phone) but I lucked out because Fashion Police was shooting as I sat down. Mel B and NeeNee were the guests for the day so they were “sworn in” with a fashion bible and I was literally behind the shot. Found myself on the opening clip of the show so that was exciting. 

New York, I love you.





There is Q!



Hair by Tresemme


Holychild Indie Pop Duo