Stripes and Layers 

Last week I made a pit stop back in Alabama for a few days and of course had to hit Ellie Boutique up first thing. Because, first things first people. 

I picked up this black and white dress (light weight, breathable, flattering and!) also, the fact that it’s black and white stripes NO BRAINER! Paired with this vest from Nordstrom Rack this little get up is right up my alley for a causal weekend outfit (what I wore Saturday actually) and the pieces mix so well with everything in my closet.

One of my current craves has to be these crystal layering necklaces that I’m wearing here in black, silver, AND white. You can mix and match the necklaces {$40 each, by the way} and also, they look great as a wrap bracelet. This is defintely one of my new favorite designs I’ve been selling as of late. To hop on the bandwagon click here.

In other exciting news I am reworking my website to include all items + the blog in a one stop shop that hopefully you will love! Stay tuned! 

Shoes: Ellie Boutique {in stores, 3348874226}

Dress: Ellie Boutique {in stores, see above # to call to order!}

Vest: Nordstrom Rack

Necklaces: Sincerely Quinley

Bangles: Sincerely Quinley 

All American Style

The summer before college when I first starting dating my husband we were on our way somewhere (where I don’t remember) when I asked him what I should wear. I wasn’t clear on what we would be doing so I needed some clarification about what outfit choice I should make. He shrugged and said whatever and added that I should wear those boat shoes or Sperrys. I replied “I don’t wear those” which I’m sure came off sounding like a snob. We laughed because he said I wasn’t an “All American” girl and we still joke to this day when he sees me in a preppy outfit because we think back to that day and my shoe problem. 

Fast forward a few years and I now embrace that All American look. I love JCrew, I love a classic preppy style. My style choices change year to year and even day to day based on my mood. I can rock a glam look, urban feel, boho vibe, I truly love clothing and the way clothes can change your attitude. So my motto is: if you don’t like it, don’t wear it… Even if everyone else is (hello Sperry’s). Let your style choices reflect who you are and who you want to be. Clothes are a statement! 




Dress- (Called A Long T) SO comfortable I own it in black too! H&M

Shoes- Shoreline Converse   

Bag- Old from TJMaxx (Deux Lux Brand) 

Necklace- Old from Ellie


New Obsessions

It just so happens that when I’m off work I usually spend my day running errands, making bracelets and hitting up TJMaxx…. Today was no exception.

I scored these awesome Sam Edelman Brand booties at TJMaxx. I MEAN! They’re olive green…. Had to have.

I’ve also been swooning over a new Kate Spade planner for this year and I finally bought the stripe black and white today, along with these fun new chalk pens in metallic colors. Love!

I’m heading to the pool now to catch up on an afternoon nap and finally have time to read the fashion issue of Marie Claire. So excited!